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Newsletter – Leaders: How’s Your Leadership?

Leaders: How’s YOUR Leadership?

Leaders spend so much time evaluating and directing the work of others that it’s a good practice for us to stop and assess our own leadership from time to time. Leadership Expert John Maxwell’s ‘Law Of The Lid’ states that leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organizational effectiveness. For example, if on a scale of 1-10 I’m a 5, my Team’s potential will never be more than a 4. But, if I increase my leadership effectiveness to 9 or 10, the potential of my team raises to 8 or 9. Self-assess:

  • Do I make sure my Teammates know that it’s safe to share their opinions and to say what they really think and feel?
  • Are Teammates able to disagree with me?
  • Do I gather input from others in my decision-making process?
  • Do I give clear direction and provide the necessary tools to execute our plans?
  • Relative to my other pursuits, how much time do I devote to preparing my Team for tomorrow’s growth and not just executing today’s work better?
  • How often do I solicit feedback on my performance?
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Life Happened on December 25, 2018

On Christmas Day last year, my Mom was released from the hospital to my care. After two months of special care, nutrition, and physical therapy, Mom was strong enough for us to go back to church. As I began getting all her affairs in order, I learned that I had just joined a rapidly growing number of Baby Boomer children who are caring for aging parents. Researching services and resources that may be able to assist us, I was surprised to find a lack of organized, accurate public education directed toward those who are currently caring for the Aging. That’s a whole ‘nother topic in itself … nonetheless, as I continue to evolve with this process, I can say that my gratitude in having my Mom with me grows daily. I’ve gained an even deeper appreciation for life, emotional health, and energy (not just time) management. Life happened on December 25, 2018. And thankfully, it continues to one day at a time. Love you much Momma. 🙂

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