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Newsletter – Been In Your Comfort Zone Too Long?

Been In Your Comfort Zone Too Long?

Comfort zones serve us well .. until they don’t! Ask yourself:

  • 1. When is the last time I gave up the good to go for the best?
  • 2. At this very moment, how am I really feeling about being stretched?
  • 3. Who or what is doing the stretching? (a situation or circumstance, I’m willingly stretching myself, a mentor is stretching me)
  • 4. Am I more occupied/invested in “what’s in it for me?” or “what’s in it for others?”
  • 5. How aware am I of the gap between where I am and where I want to be?
Mindfulness moment … Energy takes the path of least resistance. Comfort zones are most certainly necessary for rest and relaxation but, we often overstay them. And overstaying keeps us stuck and struggling with the same problems. So how do we get unstuck? By using our setbacks as feedback. We identify the ‘why’ of our comfort zone, and then make a decision to start leaning toward opportunity instead of our comfort zone of predictability.
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Spark To A Flame
Pastor Ellen Berry, TD Jakes, Ron Carpenter, Noel Jones – a handful of my favorite ministers of the Gospel whose purpose is to bridge the gap between God and man. Dr. Mark Chironna – Pastor, Certified Life Coach, and Author – joined those esteemed ranks a couple of years ago when I encountered his ‘The Beginning Of The Harvest The Breaking Of The Dawn’ DVD series. I was so enthralled that I quickly followed that series with his ‘The Gap: the space between current reality and desired reality’ DVD teaching. If my Comfort Zone article struck a chord with you and you’re ready to ignite YOU this year, I highly recommend his GAP DVD teaching or LifeQuest book for starters.

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