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Newsletter – 1-Hour Complimentary Sounding Board Call

1-Hour Complimentary Sounding Board Call
“Carmen quickly cuts through the mind clutter to extract the essential elements needed for focus, action, and growth.” – Linda Clement, President

“She’s someone I respect, trust, and who will help me get where I want to go.” – Rochelle Poulton,
Managing Partner

“Her ability to take a vision and create tangibility is rather remarkable.” – Jason Paul, CEO

“She’s a source of inspiration and direction.” – Brian Sump, President

“Carmen helped me transition with grace and ease paving the way to quicker decisions and clarity to move forward faster in the right direction.” – Jackie Wszalek – Owner

“Together we knocked it out of the park; double digit growth in both top and bottom line. We accomplished something I could have never accomplished alone.”
– Dave Crissman, CEO

I love helping people by listening. If you’d like to leverage my ears to gain another perspective, please email me at or go ahead and schedule your 1-hour complimentary Sounding Board Call here.


By Champion Business Consulting


Want a Sounding Board to help them talk through options and develop ideas

Are ready to cut through the mental fog to establish true priorities

Need specialized expertise to help their Team navigate change

Know they could greatly benefit from gaining another perspective on their plans

Are ready to shorten the timeframe to results across the business

Give me a call (623) 581-1123 to increase your peace of mind and tighten your playbook.

The World Needs People Like You
“When you’re intentional, you can add value to everything you do and to every person you meet.”
– John C. Maxwell
Leadership is not just the actions we take but the thinking we bring to those actions.  And in today’s environment of rapid change and uncertainty, thoughtful action is key.

For Small Business Owners and Growth Minded Individuals who would like some help organizing your thoughts into simple, practical next steps, please register and join me on my free Enterprise University ‘Tap Into Your Growth Potential’ online class.  8:30am Tuesday, March 31st. It’s my desire that you leave this class with some clarity, direction, and feeling very glad that you came. 🙂

Ready to get your Team on the same page in the same book at the same time? In addition to 1:1 Leadership Coaching, we customize and deliver ‘how-to’ workshops that boost employee engagement and strengthen Team unity.
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