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  Champion Client Testimonials  


“Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Hiring Champion was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we’ve made.

– J. Woods

Together we knocked it out of the park; double digit growth in both top and bottom line. We accomplished something I could have never accomplished alone.

– D. Crissman

One of the ‘A List’ professionals. She quickly cuts through the mind clutter to extract the essential elements needed for focus, action, and growth.

– L. Clement

Showed me how to take my business to another level. No way to put a price on that.

– T. Kass

Has a track record of success that spans many years and multiple companies. I was honored to serve with her and to see her work a magical transformation within our company.

– B. Snyder

If you are in need of a reliable, honest, focused and passionate professional that can quickly add value to your enterprise by developing systems, processes and people to execute your vision….look no further.

– JP Dahdah

Able to move seemingly impossible projects from inception to finalization and implementation.

– R. Young

A professional able to take the company’s mission, product, and expansion opportunities and exploit them.

– J. Piccolo

The key person to turn to when a project needs to get done and done the right way the first time.

– C. Cottrell

A strong, competent, caring, and qualified professional able to lead teams toward common business goals and ultimately catapult the business to the next levels of revenue generation.

– I. Locke
Business Process Engineer

Instinctively understands how important a product and its quality are to the customer and how that ultimately relates to the bottom line.

– K. Cross

Possesses a rare blend of talents and qualities with a unique ability to see the big picture.

– J. Allfrey

Contributes to the overall success of the company in a manner that far exceeds her pay.

– M. Kohler
CPA, Attorney at Law

A source of inspiration and direction.

– B. Sump

Quick intellect and ability to identify and find solutions to problems is exceptional.

– M. Preiser

A team player who operated with honesty, integrity, and dedication, and was an important part of the success of our division.

– B. Butler

Good vs. great can be a matter of the smallest detail. Carmen’s ability to take a vision and create tangibility are rather remarkable.

– J. Paul

One of the sharpest business people and effective managers and leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 40+ year career.

– P. Repicky, Ph.D.
Entrepreneur, College Professor

Delivering Results

Collaboration Successes

Example 1

The Need:

A driven Professional able to help an Owner Operator transform his business to enable growth and transition

Strategy & Execution Role:

Develop business growth strategy, coach Leaders, engage the Team, and execute the strategy


Increased annual revenues from $3.7 million to $5 million, double digit bottom line growth, General Manager appointed, Team working better together, and Owner Operator transitioned out of the business


24 months

Example 2

The Need:

A driven Professional able to transform a just-in-time manufacturing company from mom-and-pop style to a performance metrics driven professional organization

Strategy & Execution Role:

Open new corporate office, manage construction of new manufacturing facility, establish distributor territories, and improve product ROI


Screened and hired corporate office staff, sharpened marketing plans, championed on-time and on-budget delivery of new plant construction, and doubled revenues to $22 million


28 months

Example 3

The Need:

An ambitious Professional able to exploit a direct sales organization’s product and expansion opportunities

Strategy & Execution Role:

Develop real estate investing education product; establish sales territories; screen, hire, and train faculty; organize and conduct product fulfillment events; obtain college credit recommendation status for education; educate students on product features and benefits; and maintain an excellent product satisfaction rating


New flagship product with improved distribution network increased revenues from $5 million to $31 million the first year of sales


24 months

Example 4

The Need:

A versatile Professional able to take a fast-growing financial services company to the next level

Strategy & Execution Role:

Develop the brand; improve the client experience; write website copy; revamp the educational workshop format; co-host weekly radio show; create and align transaction processes with the business vision; develop new hire screening and hiring protocol; establish organizational structure; create compensation plans and employee onboarding programs; and build teams


Defined the company’s mission and vision, improved the brand value by positioning the company’s services in the IRA marketplace, and led the effort that transitioned the franchisee to a new stand-alone brand


18 months

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