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Are You Ready For Chance To Happen?

Readiness: the state of being prepared

It has been said that chance favors the prepared mind. I recently met with a businessman who epitomized this statement. Having started, managed, and grown several businesses in the past 4 decades, he had many successes and a few failures under his belt. His thoughtful, candid responses to my many questions painted a picture of a man who has spent much time in the trenches learning things the hard way. When he shared with me that he was ready to take his business to the next level by doing things ‘the right way this time’, my inquisitive mind went into overdrive.

How had he managed to navigate himself and his companies through the storms of life and chaotic events and emerge with a healthy disposition and BIG smile? What was the secret to his success in the midst of it all? Eventually, he smiled and said to me “I’m very good at knowing how to seize luck when it comes my way.” He had a prepared mind that not only expected luck to happen, but envisioned how and why he would exploit opportunities when they manifested.

After giving this much thought, I’ve come to believe that what he was sharing with me and calling ‘luck’ was actually a type of honed sixth sense. This sense enabled him to think on the right things while blocking out anything that would hinder his ability to meet the situation head on and execute. Wow! Talk about a superhero power! That’s one that I certainly want to develop in my business. How about you?

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