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Your Planning Only Succeeds When Your Team Does

Planning is something we all do every day. Whether setting our daily schedule, planning dinner with a friend, or finding time to go to the grocery store, we are setting goals, forecasting, and developing courses of action.

Your Team Is Your Competitive Advantage

Successful companies don’t just plan. They ensure that their planning is based on a strategy which articulates specific goals, action steps, measurements, and the resources needed to accomplish those goals. These companies not only rely on written strategy, but they also recognize that their employees are the intrinsic source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Core Values

Achieving and maintaining competitive advantage starts with a usable strategic plan. While this plan informs everyone on the Team of the company’s vision, mission, and activities, the most important plan components are the core values. These values are the unwritten ‘rules of engagement’ or the way your company does things. There are many benefits of core values. They:

  • Set forth the company’s behavior expectations
  • Help employees make the right decisions that represent the brand consistently
  • Eliminate the need for management to micromanage
  • Guide hiring of A Players who will help the company grow
  • Help leadership create a rewards system that retains their A Players and generates employee engagement

Just as measurement without action is useless, so is creating a strategic plan that doesn’t focus on how to align company goals with making the people who implement the plan feel valued. Teams comprised of people who understand the company vision, their role in it, and their individual performance expectations are more productive. Take a moment to consider what changes you may need to make to retain the people who will help you achieve your goals.

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