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Get Off The Wheel And Do YOU

I’m sure we’ve all known someone or currently know someone who spends so much time comparing themselves to others that they are blind to their own unique gifts and talents. Sadly for them and for those who love them, they never seem to be able to get off the proverbial hamster wheel. This phenomenon has become known through the ages as trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Don’t get me wrong – healthy competition is a good thing. It makes us push ourselves harder and opens our minds to possibilities that we cannot see. Following is some sage advice and reminders that keep me grounded in my pursuits and may help you, too.

  • Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice. This is not only Biblical, but it is also a good ‘man in the mirror’ tactic. Do I feel motivated by others’ success or do I have a negative reaction to it? If the latter, could that be a sign that I need to clarify my goals?
  • Compare Up Or Compare Down? Neither! I once worked with someone who took pride in comparing down as though that made him look humble. When we compare up, we depress ourselves and when we compare down, we oppress others. Being thankful and grateful for what we have is a better choice.
  • No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors.  Looks can be deceiving. Just watch the evening news and see for yourself how people put their best foot forward in front of others yet live a different life at home. The same is true in business. Greener grass awaits us right where we are!

Ready to stop unhealthy comparisons and use your energy to run WITH your own creativity? I’d love to help you sharpen your unique competitive edge! Give me a call at (623) 581-1123 and let’s talk about your needs!

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